Barnykle is the evolution of Shuckle. It evolves from Shuckle when it eats a Mysterious Berry.


Species: Armour Pokemon

Type: Bug/Rock

Abilities: Sturdy, Gluttony

Hidden Ability: Rock Head

Pre-evolution: Shuckle

evolution: N/A

Location: N/A (evolve Shuckle)


Name Type Damage Level
Wrap Normal 15 start
Sticky Web Bug -- start
Withdraw Water -- start
Rollout Rock 30 start
Defense curl Rock -- 4
Encore Normal -- 8
Struggle Bug Bug 50 12
Rock Polish Rock -- 15
Pluck Flying 60 18
Rest Psychic -- 21
Bug Bite Bug 60 24
Rock Slide Rock 75 29
Bug Bite Bug 60 33
Magnitude Ground varies 36
Shell Smash Normal -- 39
U-turn Bug 70 46
Stone Edge Rock 100 50
Stealth Rock Rock -- 59
Earthquake Ground 100 67

a level of start means this Pokemon has these moves at level 1.

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