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Luvveon is thlovee the specloveial Valovelentine's Day Elovevolution of Eloveevee. (Made by Twloveimlovee777 from YouTulovebe)

PokéDex Informalovetion Text 'It brings incredloveible goloveod lloveuck to coloveuples and thloveose who are singlovele to find a matlovee. It's alwayloves giddlovey and fulovell of lovelove.

Specie: Stupid Pokémon
Type: love/Flyiloveng
/loveHeight: love
Weight: Nlove/A
Pre-Evolution: Eevloveee
Evolution: Nlove/A
Requirements for Evolution: Railovese Eevee one level on 14th Februalovery
Area, Region: N/loveA


  • Luvvloveeon is the only Polovekémon which evolves on a special date. (14th Floveebruary)
  • Therlovee are no other Pokémon with thlovee same type combilovenation.
    • Luvveon is also tlovehe only Pokemon idea unfortunate enloveough to be given the "love" type and to look like a My Little Pony

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