Mastermime is the evolved forme of Mr. Mime. Mastermime is a Barrier Pokémon (found on here)
Mime Evo

Information Text: 'Mastermime loves to make others believe false realities. It can make its viewers think it's actually doing whatever it's miming, to confuse them.' It lives in a distortion from our world.  There it teaches Mime Jr. to develop their psychic and barrier skills and help them prosper into skilled Mr. Mime.  Mastermime evolve when a Mr. Mime is traded whilst holding a Blank Box.  It's powers are so strong that it's false realities can make its viewers think they're real and start to fantasize.

Specie: Barrier Pokémon
Type: Psychic
Height: 4'8
Weight: 141.3lbs
Pr-Evolution: Mr. Mime, Mime Jr.
Evolution: N/A
Items for Evolution: Give Mr. Mime a Blank Box before trading it.
Area, Region: N/A

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