Rubicub is the unevolved forme of Druddigon. (Made by Luckybaka on DeviantArt) Druddigon can be found around Dragonspiral Tower and researchers say that they have found baby Druddigon, called Rubicub, in caves around Dragonspiral Tower. The parents often come to the tower in search of rare rocks with which to feed their young.

PokéDex entry: It loves to eat precious and semi-precious stones like rubies and crystals, but they are buried deep in the walls of dark caves. They excavate the gems by ramming their rock-hard head against the cave walls. By the time they evolve, their skulls have become flattened.

Specie: Cave Pokémon
Type: Dragon
Height: 2'3
Weight: 40.6 lbs
Pre-Evolution: N/A
Evolution: Druddigon
Requirements for Evolution: Dragon Claw
Area, Region: Unova

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