Tangulb, a Bulb Pokémon, is the unevolved forme of Tangela.

Tang Prevo
(found here, made by 'PokePages' on DeviantArt)

Information Text: 'Tangulb hides in the ground with only the top of its head showing. Sometimes farmers find it sleeping in the soil near their crops and mistake it for a strange vegetable.' Hordes of them are found huddling and scuttling around its parents, the Tangrowth.  They live in burrows where the Tangrowth parents bring them food and watch them as they play to grow up into healthy Tangela.  

Specie: Bulb Pokémon
Type: Grass
Height: 1'01
Weight: 6 lbs
Pre-Evolution: N/A
Evolution: Tangela, Tangrowth
Requirements for Evolution: Happiness; Jungle Incense to breed
Area, Region: